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Lubmin-Brandov Gastransport GmbH is an infrastructure affiliate of Uniper Global Commodities SE. It holds a 20% co-ownership share in OPAL (ā€œOstseepipeline Anbindungsleitungā€), the Baltic Sea pipeline link.

OPAL is one of two pipeline links (the other one being the Northern European Gas Pipeline - NEL) that will take natural gas from Russia arriving at Lubmin near Greifswald through the Baltic Sea pipeline (Nord Stream) to customers in western Europe.

OPAL is a joint venture of the W&G Group and the LBTG. It is held in co-ownership, with the W&G Group holding 80% and the LBTG 20%. The pipeline is technically operated by OPAL Gastransport GmbH, a company of the W&G Group.