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Technical Details



Technical Details
Total length 470 kilometres, of which about 100 kilometres are in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania 270 kilometres are in Brandenburg 100 kilometres are in Saxony
Capacity over 35 billion cubic metres per annum
Gradient 700 metres of altitude
Block valve stations 28 (at distances of 10 to 18 km)
Diameter of steel pipe 1,400 millimetres (piggable)
Material thickness > 20 millimetres
Pipe material L 485 MB
Length of pipe segments 18 metres
Weight per pipe 15 tonnes
Operating pressure up to 100 bar
Pipe coating Polyethylene (PE) plastic
Installation depth 1 metre (min) of soil cover
Special crossings Lubmin harbour, Peene, Havel-Oder waterway, Löcknitz (micro-tunnel), Oder-Spree canal, Dame (horzizontal directional drilling), Elbe (open trench underwater crossing)
Associated facilities Greifswald landing point, Radeland compressor station
Commissioning October 2011